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Different Systems For Different Applications


Depending on what you are looking for, the right system could be one of many. For a full home application, reverse osmosis systems are recommended. For a business with many filtering locations, smaller individual filters may be more usefull and cost effective.

NY Water Filtration System

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration For New York

In New York, reverse osmosis is common and a great way to filter your water. Using presure, reverse osmosis is the process of pushing an impure solution through a membrane that limits the amount of perticles and ions that pass through.

NY Home Service


Standard Cartridge, Cone, Screen & Pour Through Water Filters

Unlike simple membrane Filtration which works only on size of particles, RO uses presure and is therefore slightly less effective when particles are similar in size to the pores. Cartridge filters, cone filters, screen filters, and particulate filters all use specified sized holes to eliminate all mater that is large than the holes. This process is slower than reverse osmosis but more effective.

New York has it's seasonal pollin, which can get into water and contribute to allergies. Filtering your water using a Filtration method will reduce your reaction to the season, preventing headaches and decreasing your likely hood of contracting a disease.


New York Water Filter
Filter systems come in all sizes for all applications. To find out what one is right for you, Contact Us and get the scoop on how we can save you money monthly.

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